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At Point Chiropractic we pride ourselves on offering a warm, welcoming environment where patients at all stages of life and their families will feel comfortable knowing they are receiving the highest quality chiropractic care. We utilize the latest technology to evaluate your spine and nervous system as well as a comprehensive lifestyle evaluation to determine where the issues are and how to correct them. Chiropractic care has been proven to help people suffering with the following conditions: neck pain and immobility, low back pain, mid back pain, sciatic pain, headaches, numbness, tingling and weakness in upper and lower extremities.

Your Bend, Oregon Chiropractor Specializing in Pregnancy and Kids

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience that can be incredibly taxing on a mother’s body. During pregnancy the body experiences anatomical and hormonal changes that can have temporary adverse effects. These can be remedied with chiropractic care and make pregnancy easier and safer for both mother and child. Children from newborn through teenager can experience physical, emotional and behavioral stress from spinal misalignment and scoliosis that can be naturally healed with chiropractic adjustments.

Headache Relief from Chiropractic Care

If you are experiencing reoccurring headaches, your body is telling you something is not right. The misalignment of the cervical spine and adjacent musculature is a major contributor of headaches of all kinds including tension headaches, sinus headaches, classic migraines (with and without aura) and TMJ headaches. Through gentle chiropractic adjustment to the cervical spine headache severity, frequency and duration are greatly diminished.

Bend, Oregon Workshops: Detox and Fatigue

Here at Point Chiropractic we believe in getting the most out of life by taking care of your body inside and out. Lack of energy, difficulty sleeping, GI distress/bloating, moodiness and irritability are a few signs that your body is struggling to deal with excessive toxicity. Our scientifically developed 10 Day Cleanse from Metagenics is a doctor supervised detox. With over 20 years of clinical use, it is formulated to eliminate toxins from the body and restore your body to its natural pH balance and function.

Chiropractic Care for Post Spinal Surgery

In many instances, focused and consistent chiropractic adjustments can keep you from needing spinal surgery. However, chiropractic adjustments are valuable following spinal surgery as well. Often, chiropractic adjustments can aid in the recovery process and in maintaining full spinal health for the rest of your life.


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Welcome to Point Chiropractic, your Bend, Oregon chiropractor located in the Upper Mill District's Point Building

At Point Chiropractic, our goal is to help your body regain its natural ability to heal and regulate itself through gentle, focused chiropractic adjustments and healthy lifestyle adaptations. Chiropractic care properly aligns your body in order to resist disease rather than just treating the symptoms of disease and misalignment. With a healthier spine and nervous system you can return to living your best life possible

We use the latest technology to evaluate your spine and nervous system in order to effectively diagnose and treat the conditions that are causing disruptions in your health. We then work with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan to get you on the road to recovery.

From newborns to seniors, everyone can benefit from a healthy spine, nervous system and lifestyle. It is never too early, or too late, to feel the best you can by living pain free naturally.